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Whether you are looking to mark a code on your bottles, labels, boxes, or all of the above, Squid Ink has the right solution for your winery. Our JetStream CIJ printer and SQ-Laser provide an excellent solution for coding directly on your wine bottles or wine bottle labels, while our CoPilot Max prints up to 2.8” per printhead and the ability to run up to 2 printheads from one controller of variable information on your cases.

Still hand taping or gluing your boxes? Eastey case tapers are a clean, efficient, low-cost alternative to time-consuming or messy case sealing methods. Click the button below to find out more how Squid Ink and Eastey can provide the right solutions for your winery today!
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Laser coding for discreet primary product marking.
JetStream Icon
CIJ small character coding for primary product marking.
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CoPilot® Max
Hi-resolution ink jet printing for secondary cases.
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Eastey® Tapers
Reliable case sealing for secondary cases.
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Squid Ink has a number of solutions designed to provide high quality codes on your wine bottles, wine labels, corrugate shipping cases and more. Eastey, a sister company of Squid Ink, offers a full line of cost-effective case taping equipment designed to increase production in your winery.

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SQ-Laser Code on Wine Bottles
SQ-Laser - Laser Coding for Discreet Bottle Marking
Do you need discreet, permanent bottle marking? Squid Ink’s SQ-10 and SQ-30 laser coding systems provide a high quality, clean option for discreetly marking date codes, vintage numbers, lot numbers and more directly on your wine bottles.
SQ-Laser 10W
Features & Benefits
  • Quick and easy installation for both stationary and moving products. You’ll be up and running in no time at all!
  • Ergonomically designed to easily fit into production environments where space is limited
  • Clean and eco-friendly coding and marking for your wine bottles
  • Permanent coding of text, time and date, vintage numbers, lot numbers and more
  • SQ-Laser’s non-obtrusive code will not detract from the look of your bottle and label design
Learn More about the SQ-Laser
JetStream CIJ Code on Wine Label
JetStream - CIJ Small Character Coding for Wine Bottle Marking
The JetStream is an excellent solution to print durable alphanumeric codes directly on your glass bottles or wine labels. Printing up to 5 lines of text, the JetStream offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for your wine coding application.
Features & Benefits
  • Ability to easily handle high production rates of up to 1,000 ft/minute
  • Simple to use 10.1” color touchscreen interface
  • Simple maintenance with CleanJet technology provides a quick and easy one-button start/stop process for automatic self-cleaning operation
  • Ability to print up to 5 lines of text allows you to print the information you need when you need it
  • Squid Ink manufactures a comprehensive library of inks and fluids for application versatility
Learn More about the JetStream
CoPilot Max on Wine Case
CoPilot Max - Hi-Resolution Ink Jet Printing for Wine Boxes
Are you looking for value engineering in your facility? Order one size pre-printed case with your logo and use ink jet to print variable information like varietal data, product information, lot traceability, bar codes, and more. Squid Ink’s CoPilot Max provides a reliable solution for printing crisp, easy to read variable information that looks like it was pre-printed on your case.
CoPilot Max
Features & Benefits
  • Run up to two 2.8” print heads from a single controller to print multiple sides of a case in a single pass, or turn the box and print on adjacent panels
  • 360 dpi capable of printing razor-sharp graphics, small character text, and scannable bar codes
  • Generous 500ml ink volume reduces downtime and keeps production rolling
  • Easy-to-use 4.3” full-color touchscreen allows for easy access to system messages and print functions
Learn More about the CoPilot Max
Eastey Taper Wine Box
Eastey Tapers - Reliable Case Sealers for Your Wine Boxes
Are you hand taping your cases or using messy gluing machines ? Eastey, a sister company of Squid Ink, offers a full line of cost-effective case taping equipment perfect for your winery. Eastey case tapers are built with industrial strength components and require minimal space to operate. No air is required and they can be placed anywhere in the facility, making it a seamless transition from hand taping to efficient case taping.
Eastey Case Taper
Features & Benefits
  • Plug-in and go operation. Adjust the taper to your case size and be operating in minutes
  • Top and bottom tape heads are interchangeable and can be removed without any tools. Reloading tape rolls is quick and easy
  • Low maintenance, rugged design. Industrial strength components make Eastey case tapers a workhorse in your operation
  • Simple integration with your existing line. Eastey tapers can be adjusted to match your existing production line for a seamless infeed and exit transition
Learn More about Eastey Tapers
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